About Designer Glasses or Sunglasses or Prescription Glasses Direct and Online

If someone says that their prescription glasses materials are scratch resistant, please do not believe that person. In most cases, it is just a marketing strategy implemented by the company or retailer.

Plastic lenses with a hard coating are, however, more scratch-resistant than normal glasses. Still, it can never guarantee you complete scratch resistance.

It should be borne in mind that this coating would not prevent a deep scratch if the lenses fall on a hard surface, but rather minimize any small scratches that can occur during daily use and keep your glasses longer clear. It all depends on how carefully you use it.

The regular price for such hard coating glasses by high street opticians is usually between 15 and 20 euros, while online glasses retailers can offer it for free / p>

The next inevitable question is how that is possible!

How can online retailers offer designer glasses that are as cheap as the regular market prices themselves for branded goods?

Our research team found that some of them buy branded products directly from their companies, while others sell counterfeit items. In addition, some retailers do not even have a valid or existing post presence and it will hardly be possible to track them personally in the future.

Retailers who buy the products directly from the manufacturing companies can provide them at less than the regular market prices because they simply ignore any intermediary.

Most of them buy in bulk, which lowers the price level. At the same time, online retailers (in many cases) don’t have to finance expensive real estate on the main street to sell their sunglasses or prescription glasses.

A major problem with buying sunglasses or prescription glasses online is not understanding the prescription details. Doctors may never like to write so that a non-specialist can understand it. In addition, it often happens that ordinary people are generally unable to understand jargon.

Some websites offer pages on which they explain the technical terms for a necessary and better understanding of recipes. This proves to be very practical because you can correctly understand its actual requirements such as ball, cylinder, axis, addition, frame measurement, etc.

Some websites even offer the option of faxing the prescription to them if they are still not sure enough about the knowledge they have acquired.

The best thing about online shopping is that you can easily follow the current trend and upcoming styles and calculate the budget accordingly.

It’s like having thousands of exclusive showrooms for prescription glasses and sunglasses on your doorstep, dedicated to you.

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