It is estimated that 70 percent of smokers want to quit smoking. No wonder there are many smoking cessation products and programs designed for these people. These are scientifically proven smoking cessation programs that have been recognized by many health professionals. However, using these products may not be as effective and may have side effects. For this reason, many alternative therapies are designed to help many people want to be nicotine-free. These alternative methods are considered by many to be a safe and effective way to quit smoking.


Medical studies show that acupuncture can increase the level of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are opiate-like substances in the body that are known to improve mood and bring moments of relaxation. These factors can lower the craving for that stick or pack of cigarettes. Many health professionals recommend at least four acupuncture sessions in the first month after termination.

Herbal Remedies

There are no herbs that contain nicotine. However, there are herbs like chamomile that have a calming effect and can facilitate the transition to life as a non-smoker. The calming effects of this herb can help deal with stressful situations that can lead to lighting a cigarette. However, people wishing to try this herb should seek approval from a healthcare professional as it may cause an allergic reaction and may interact with other medications.


Smokers have natural cigarette triggers. Factors such as driving, eating, watching TV and stress can make people smoke. With subconscious memories of the positive effects of quitting smoking, hypnosis can help reduce nicotine cravings and improve the ability to quit smoking. In addition to these health benefits, hypnotherapy does not use medication and can be completed and there is no long-term cause.

Exercise and nutrition

Regular exercise can improve blood circulation and help people deal with tension and stress in life without cigarettes. Studies show that moderate exercise such as 30 minutes of jogging and brisk walking can bring many health benefits. Exercise and other physical activities can also promote the production of endorphins. In addition to exercising, eating regular meals and reducing fat in your own diet can help manage blood sugar changes associated with smoking cessation.


A massage can better promote moods and less anxiety, which can lead to less and less cravings for nicotine. A University of Miami Touch Research Institute suggested that a two-minute hand or ear massage could curb nicotine cravings and therefore reduce daily cigarette intake.

There are many scientifically proven smoking cessation products and alternative methods available. However, these products cannot do all the work. The best and most effective way to quit smoking is determination, discipline, and commitment to permanently quit the habit. Using these products and using alternative methods can help smokers reduce the habit by feeling more comfortable and smug to adapt to life without cigarettes. However, before you take over-the-counter or herbal products and use many alternative smoking cessation methods, you should contact approved health professionals. They can explain various alternative methods and clarify side effects and drug interactions that can occur while taking medication. With the right tools and settings, quitting smoking can be easier than others think.

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