Battle Against Fatigue

There is no debate that life is hard, busy, and often stressful. Many people I know, especially mothers, live with a feeling of tiredness every day. Although I believe that we can never get to a place where we can survive a day without tiredness, I by no means believe that our lives should be lived with a threatening feeling of insurmountable tiredness. There are a few simple things I did to fight the tiredness that is affecting my days.

The fight against fatigue started with a serious look at the way I spent my time. Did my weekly schedule correspond to the things in life that were most important to me? I searched my weekly calendar for hours of time that I wasted or spent on unnecessary things. I quickly saw that my fatigue was due to trying to do too many things in a short amount of time. I learned that I didn’t have to be part of every committee at my children’s school and that I didn’t have to volunteer to prepare desserts for every meeting my husband had. It was frustrating but also liberating to learn that much of my fatigue was caused by none other than myself.

I encourage you to keep an eye on the way you spend time for the next few weeks. You might be surprised by all of the things that overwhelm your time and make you tired. You will never be able to fight fatigue unless you see what causes it.

Another big thing in my fight against fatigue was decisions that I made regarding my health. I took a serious look at how I take care of my mind and body, and I quickly realized that I wasn’t doing a very good job. Who wouldn’t be tired after weeks of fast food, little exercise and a lot of caffeine? I slowly took steps to eat healthier, exercise more and drink less caffeine. After just a few weeks, I was amazed at the increased energy I had and how much better I slept at the end of every hard day.

What do you do to take care of your body? Fatigue will hinder every area of ​​your life until you make a good choice for yourself. Look for ways to eat fresher and healthier foods and try to incorporate exercise into your days.

The third thing I did against my tiredness was to take a little time for special things in my days that I could enjoy alone. I took a few books I wanted to read and took 30 minutes a day to read them for fun. I started enjoying bubble baths again and even started knitting after being too busy for a few years. Look for little things you can add to your life to keep your mind calm.

The fight against fatigue is not easy, but I promise you that it is a fight worth winning.

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