Conquering the Stigma of a Mental Health Disorder

Having a family member who has a mental disorder can be stressful at times. Depending on the severity of the disorder, many families have been separated for this reason. Some of them can be attributed to the lack of love or patience that a family member can give. Some just can’t handle the pressure and others just can’t stand the shame.

But if people around a person with a mental disorder feel uncomfortable, what about what the actual person feels with the disorder? Many or most of these people are too scared or ashamed to share their disorder with others because they fear being ridiculed or convicted.

Even if it is common nowadays to see a psychiatrist or to take medication for mental disorders, many people are still suspicious of someone with a mental health problem; You feel too unstable and unpredictable. For fear of what they do not know, this ignorance causes more depression and harm to a person with a mental disorder. Overcoming fear

What patients with mental disorders want is for them to be considered normal people. Only that they need more compassion, understanding and kindness. Treat a person with mental illness in the same way as everyone else. This makes her feel more normal.

If you feel more accepted and happier, you increase the likelihood of becoming normal. Be prepared too; Find out more about the disorder affecting your family or friend. Know the symptoms so you are prepared for them.

Learn and try for the patient to accept your condition, don’t be afraid of what people say and open your condition to them. If they cannot bear it, they are not worth it. Remember that there are many people with mental disorders. some are not so obvious. Hold your head up and live in dignity.

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