Defeat Nicotine And Quit Smoking With A Firm Resolution

Someone who had quit smoking said fearfully, “No, I don’t want to quit smoking. I’ve done it several times in the past – what I want to do now is quit smoking! “

Only when the solution is so solid can something tangible be achieved. All half-hearted measures must fail! Ask one of the smokers’ galaxies! Millions and millions! They desperately want to quit smoking. A smoker keeps thinking about quitting smoking!

There are several voluntary associations that help the smoker. Every small community usually has a health unit. But the unfortunate thing is that there are hundreds of small and large tobacco shops for each such unit. The advertising campaign for these products continues unabated through newspapers, major magazines and television channels (although it is partially prohibited) and the demand for tobacco products continues to grow.

Is this ever possible? stop smoking? Defeat nicotine?

Before trying to defeat your physical and psychological enemy, you should know how strong they are and how far they have caught you, as their destructive effects are no less than additives like heroin or cocaine.

Remember that in the blood of a hard smoker, every single cell is enriched with nicotine. It has become part of the blood. Therefore, pregnant mothers – be careful! Smoking is not only harmful to your health. it is dangerous for the delicate baby inside. Your smoking alone is responsible for this double tragedy.

If the first attempt to quit smoking fails, don’t be discouraged! Just thinking routinely won’t solve the problem. Determined actions must follow. The courses run by health centers and hospitals can help you with information. But in the end, remember that you have to quit smoking because you started smoking. You can build yourself or break yourself. It depends on your willpower.

Every withdrawal symptom is severe and difficult to endure. Sometimes you feel like the only way to get over them is to smoke – just one. If you succumb and slide, it is doubly difficult to resume the pilgrimage in the smoke-free zone. Dizziness, depression, irritability, headache, restlessness and difficulty concentrating have to be tackled with great determination! But confront nicotine with a challenging poster. Which is better – your company with wrinkled skin, bad breath, bad hair smell, black teeth with cavities and black lips or a glowing skin and a confident, sparkling face?

Mark Twain said: “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.“ But please remember, Mark Twain didn’t tell you to follow him. Your willpower could be stronger than his!

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