Dental Implants Information

Dental implants are ideal for replacing broken or damaged teeth. Keep in mind that these dental implants can be both expensive and lengthy.

Dental implants typically cost around $ 1000 per tooth. If you have dentures, bridges, broken or damaged teeth, dental implants can be a good investment for your smile. This process has very low failure rates. If an error occurs, there is a possibility that an undetected bacterial infection has occurred during the installation of the implant.

The time frames required to complete the dental implant procedure have several factors. One such factor is the condition of the jawbone. If the doctor needs more jawbones to work with, a bone graft may be required. This process must be completed and healed before the dental implant can be installed.

Osseointegration is a process in which a titanium post is screwed into the jawbone. This must be left for 3-6 months so that the bone can fuse around it. A plate implant can be used between the gums and jawbone if the bone integrity is not ideal.

Once the healing is complete, the doctor will make a plaster cast of your mouth. A ceramic tooth is then produced that corresponds to the existing shape and color of the teeth.

It is always advisable to consult your dentist regarding dental implants. In some cases, they may be able to offer you a financing plan to have the process carried out. Be sure to ask all questions about dental implants with your.

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