Detox Diets – The Next Diet Fad

If you’ve been on a diet lately, you’ve probably heard of detox diets. Basically, detox diets are the next big player in the fashion diet game. Like Atkins, Southbeach and even the coal diet, various detoxification diets appear on the Internet and in bookstores. What Exactly Are Detox Diets, Do They Work, and Are Detox Diets Safe?

The requirement for detox diets is that your body is full of toxins, many of which come from the foods you eat. A basic detox diet will make you fast for a period of time, which means you won’t be eating at all. They then only eat certain foods that are believed to be toxin-free and completely avoid other foods such as sugar, red meat, wheat, and eggs. Most detoxification diets also require a cleansing process that uses colonists or enemas or herbal colon cleansers.

It is important to understand that detoxification diets are not really designed for weight loss. Instead, they are supposed to cleanse your body of harmful toxins. The goal should not be to lose weight. Second, there is a lot of controversy about these diets and whether they are safe.

For the most part, the diets should be relatively short-term, or at least the strictest part. You only have to fast and cleanse yourself for a few days. Anything that is longer will definitely cause health problems. Fasting for an extended period of time leads to nutrient deficiency, fatigue, dehydration and possibly eating disorders. Likewise, the colon cleansers that are used to rid the body of waste are basically laxatives that, if used excessively, can also lead to dehydration and nutrient deficiency. So it seems that you are doing something very dangerous, but because you are only doing it for a short time, they are trying to figure out the potential useful aspects.

While healthy people may be able to walk on a detox diet, you shouldn’t have any complications and possibly even benefit from them. A person who is not in top shape should see a doctor before participating. Likewise, children and adolescents should not go on a detoxification diet, since their body still needs a certain number of calories and fat grams to maintain healthy growth and optimal development. If you have any questions, check with your doctor before starting a diet plan.

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