Most people understand all of the potential health risks associated with smoking. Aside from common things like cancer, this can also lead to a snoring problem.

Smokers are very likely to be snores too. Smoking causes swelling in the nose and throat tissues as well as lung damage. Nicotine can also cause sleep disorders that can contribute to snoring.

A group of European researchers examined snoring in a group of smokers between 25 and 55 years of age. They examined 15,000 people from five different countries to see if they could find a link between smoking and snoring.

From the study group, 24% of the people who smoked at the moment and 20% of the people who smoked in the past had snoring problems. This was compared to 14% of people who did not smoke. They found that the more a person smoked, the louder the snore was.

Second-hand smoke also increased the likelihood of snoring. 20% of the people who lived with someone who smoked also snored.

Another interesting fact that they discovered was that more men smoked but the smokers were more likely to snore.

So what causes snoring problems when smoking? They haven’t found a definitive answer to this question, but one of the theories is that the irritation to the airways caused by smoking leads to breathing problems that in turn lead to snoring.

Another theory is that the body goes through nicotine withdrawal during sleep, which disrupts the sleep pattern. This disorder contributes to snoring.

So you can add another reason to quit smoking. Not only does this harm your health and your body, it can also lead to snoring problems that can ultimately lead to drowsiness, irritability and stress (both for you and your family).

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