Free Stop Smoking Patch Myths

Many ex-smoker explorers have heard or used to quit smoking. Many ex-smoker explorers have read advertisements for a free smoking cessation patch at least once. However, the truth is that there is no free smoking cessation patch.

The good news is that nicotine patches are not that expensive. Your price, of course, depends on the brand and the store where you buy them. Another price factor is the number of plasters you use per day and for the entire treatment period. Some people do not need as many plasters because their addiction is not that strong. Heavy smokers may need stronger nicotine patches and more frequent patch changes.

You may not be able to get a free smoking cessation patch, but what you can get is good business. There are many online stores that sell smoking cessation aids, and their prices are usually much cheaper than the prices in the regular shops. Online drug stores also offer regular promotions. If you buy a specific product, you may receive a free smoking cessation patch. Another thing that you should carefully consider is what to do if you come across something with a free smoking cessation offer. Be very careful before taking and using such a product and make sure it is real. It could be a fake plaster and may not have the desired effect, let alone contain harmful substances that endanger your health.

Finally, good news for all ex-smokers. You may not be able to get a free smoking cessation patch or a free smoking cessation product. However, what you can get for free is a lot of information and support.

The Internet can provide you with hundreds of pages where you can see the full picture of nicotine addiction as well as hundreds of ways to quit smoking. It offers you many online discussion and support groups where you can meet and communicate with people in your situation, share your ideas and get support.

If you are not an internet connoisseur, you can still cling to a lot of free support – there are many ex-smoking groups (similar to the anonymous alcoholic groups) where you can get advice and support during your journey to quit smoking can.

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