Hiatal hernia signs and symptoms

When the upper part of the stomach pushes through the esophageal gap due to muscle weakness, hiatal hernia occurs. The interruption of the esophagus is the opening in the diaphragm through which the esophagus enters the abdominal cavity.

At the end of the esophagus is the lower esophageal sphincter, which has the role of a valve – it only allows one-way travel of food. There is also a second valve that is the esophageal break. The two flaps are synchronized so that the food from the stomach does not return to where it comes from.

When the muscles become weak and abdominal pressure increases, the interruption will eventually stretch so much that the upper part of The Stomach will pass through it, causing the hiatal hernia.

In the early stages, the hiatal hernia shows no symptoms, so it is usually discovered when you see your doctor for a routine check-up. But as the disease progresses, symptoms gradually appear. These include heartburn, epigastric pain and rarely some infections.

Paraesophageal hernias may cause some detention or more acute epigastric pain due to strangulation. This type of hernia is rare, but dangerous, maybe life threatening. Complications such as gastric strangulation sometimes occur, but in most cases this does not occur.

The most common hiatal hernias are the sliding hernias. These are not that dangerous, one of their bad symptoms is reflux esophagitis, which has been found in all people with hiatal hernia. Some of them were also affected by Barrett’s esophagus because of the hernia. Barrett’s esophagus may show dysphagia or reflux symptoms.

Unfortunately, the hiatal hernia has parsyntomas that are multifactorial, such as esophagitis and gastric ulcer. In extreme cases, a carcinoma occurs with hernia or breast infections.

Doctors advise people suffering from a hiatal hernia to try to lose some weight and not wear tight clothes.

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