How To Tell If A Health Product Is “For Real” Or Not, Part 1

“Take our Dodo Bird Poop extract and your cancer will be cured!” Oh no. It is another miracle cure! Natural potencies that claim miraculous results seem to be abundant these days. It is often difficult to say whether a product is “real” or not. Here are some pointers to help you choose effective nutritional products instead of hyped trash.

The first factor you want to look at is scientific research on a product. Ask the company or seller for scientific research on their product.

Be very careful first if there are no scientific studies on the effectiveness of the product.

If there are scientific studies that show good results when using the product. You should review a very important element in the scientific studies. Have they been done with the exact product you want to buy?

For example, a salesperson can give you a study that shows excellent results with “Aloe Vera”. However, the study was most likely done with fresh aloe vera, not the specific aloe product you want to buy. This is very important as a company can do or cannot do many things (even without knowing it) between harvesting the plant and buying the product that could render the product unusable.

That brings us to the second factor to consider, which is processing. How is the product processed? Is it processed in such a way that it still contains all the nutrients it should contain?

It can often be difficult to determine whether a product is being processed properly. Therefore, you often have to make your decision based on other factors. For example, if you have scientific studies showing that the off-the-shelf product performs well, it appears that it is processed correctly.

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