Is Binge Eating Making You Feel Alone?

If you have an eating disorder, understand the feelings of loneliness. They know what it’s like to live in a secret world that nobody knows about. You have a big secret, but no one is allowed to see this side of you.

In restaurants with friends, you order just the right amount of food and can’t finish everything because you’re so full. Little do your friends know that you ate a three-person meal two hours before meeting them.

You talk to your friends about why you are overweight. You don’t know why, you say? You are as perplexed as you are. You see what you eat and it’s small portions. Mostly not even unhealthy foods.

But they don’t know you have binge eating disorder. You have something that keeps popping up over your head. Eat. Eating is a dream and a nightmare in one. Eating makes you feel better and feels worthless in the next minute.

However, you don’t want to let your friends into your secret world. This is your world and they will not understand it. They can only tell you to stop eating so much. You will not understand it.

But if they’re your friends, they’ll understand. You can no longer stand in the way of self-limiting beliefs. Your friends love you and will be by your side when asked for help. They mean everything to them.

The first step you can take is to tell someone you trust. Stop dealing with this big problem yourself. Ask a friend to only listen to you when you need them. If you talk about problems often and just take things off your chest, you will feel so much better. Also, if you hang out with someone and talk about it, you’re less likely to turn to eating. It is not that available and you are not alone. You force yourself out of your comfort zone and that’s fine.

Get help and find a trusted confidant. Gradually expose them to your secret world or feel right for you. Listen to yourself and let that be the judge. Once they know where you are from, they can help you where you want to go in the future.

Don’t let binge eating make the most of you. Find a friend to talk to and see how you feel and your situation better.

From: Kristin Gerstley

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