LASIK Surgery – How The Excimer Laser Works

The excimer laser is a form of the ultraviolet chemical laser and the key element that has made laser eye surgery possible. Although the excimer laser was originally used in semiconductor manufacturing in the 1970s, its use in eye surgery is fairly widespread today. While working in the IBM research labs in 1982, Dr. Rangaswamy Srinivasin and his research team highlighted the potential of the excimer laser for interaction with biological tissue. An ophthalmologist, Dr. Steven Trokel explained its connection with the corneal tissue. And that’s how LASIK eye surgery came about.

There are different types of lasers, but Excimer is the preferred choice when it comes to corrective eye surgery. This is due to the fact that Excimer is the most technologically advanced type of laser. The excimer laser is literally a cool laser. That means it removes exactly the desired part of the corneal tissue without heating up or damaging the neighboring tissue. Amazingly, the excimer laser is so precise that it can remove 0.5% of the width of a human hair. This fact alone is enough for patients to believe that excimer-assisted eye surgery is not a gimmick, but a real technology-based procedure.

With the available computer technology and the precision that the laser LASIK offers The operation has turned out to be the first choice for patients with refractive errors. Since the excimer laser emits cool, tiny rays that make precise cuts on the surface of the cornea, a dedicated technician operates the machine while the ophthalmologist performs the operation.

Your eyes are your window to the world and yours. Seeing is the most important of the five senses. It is all the more important that you undergo eye surgery if necessary, which is reliable and has minimal side effects. With the high-precision technology of the excimer laser and the general reliability of the procedure, LASIK is the most widely used corrective eye surgery.

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