Mcdonald’s To Offer Lasik In Drive Through

$ 299.00, financing available, limited time, etc. etc. LASIK eye surgery is quickly becoming another commodity such as shoes or cars. Everywhere we look there are LASIK advertisements with discounts, special offers and financing offered by “doctors” and vying for a percentage of the 3 million Americans who want LASIK every year. Don’t be surprised if one day you can visit your local Wal-Mart and leave an hour later after receiving LASIK from a “pro who made millions”. We may even see signs serving McDonald’s 3,456,000! There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the ads and techniques for selling LASIK and those for selling used cars.

What has happened to the great American medical standards and ethics that have been touted for years? It’s amazing to read that eye surgeons in the United States still offer LASIK on a regular basis, and for just $ 1,000 more, “You can also have wavefront technology.” For those unfamiliar with LASIK, the wavefront is a better diagnostic tool that you can use to image your cornea. In South America, where eye surgery technology has always been at the forefront, surgeons will only use the wavefront. There is no option because it is only better for the patient period !! American eye surgeons continue to perform PRK on patients who do not qualify for LASIK, rather than using a multifocal intraocular lens that was approved in the United States only a year ago but has been used by South American surgeons for over ten years.

So if you are thinking about LASIK, remember that this is an operation on the cornea of ​​your eye. It is therefore imperative that you inform yourself about all possible risks and complications. Find the best possible doctor you can, not just the cheapest, and make sure you are really a good candidate for surgery and not just another number on the billboard. If cost is an issue, you may have to choose to wear glasses or do what thousands of people do and go to South America to have some of the best eye surgeons in the world do it half and go on vacation.

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