Obesity Surgery Reduces The Size Of Your Stomach To About The Size Of A Whiskey Shot Glass

You may find it hard to believe that the doctor actually reduces the size of your stomach to about the size of a whiskey shot glass, but that’s true. Of course, it seems unusually small and you can’t take more than three tablespoons of food at a time. This can make it extremely easy to get sick if you eat too much or drink too much water.

Over time, your stomach pouch expands and you can take up to one and a half cups of food. This corresponds to a six-fold magnification of a shot glass. This is dramatically more food, but it’s still a little less than the average dinner for one person. The stomach has amazing stretching capabilities, which is part of what allows some people to become obese. Due to the increased food intake over time, their stomachs become larger and they can eat even more food.

Even with a larger stomach pouch, you will have to take vitamin and mineral supplements over time. Life after an obesity surgery. The surgery has reduced the amount of time that food spends in your intestinal tract, reducing the amount of nutrients you ingest.

Also, because you don’t eat that much, you need to drink more water to get enough fluids. Most of us get our eight daily cups of water from the water in the food we eat and from our drinks.

Despite the limitations of your new smaller stomach, there are still ways to cheat and not lose weight or even gain weight again. If you don’t stick to a strict three-meal-a-day meal plan plus snacks and just “graze” all day long, you can be consuming too many calories. Some people continue to eat high-calorie foods or eat “thoughtlessly” while watching TV or doing any other task that can also lead to many calories.

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