Exercise Management

Exercise is vital to shedding excess weight and keeping it off. The body was meant to be active, and that is often a challenge in todayŐs often-sedentary lifestyles. White collar workers, security workers, and drivers make up a large part of the workforce, and get very little exercise daily. Especially if you fit into this category, a concerted effort must be made in order to ensure that an exercise regimen is followed that will afford you a level of activity that will provid…

Get Ready For Bathing Suits!

Summer is quickly approaching, and I for one want to be out and enjoying the nice weather as soon as it begins. If you are anything like me, than the winter months always take a bit of a toll on your body. Inspite of my strongest efforts to stay in shape and to not gain extra winter weight, it seems that the cold wins out and too often I choose to curl up with a good book rather than jump on the treadmill for a run. With summer officially comes the season of bathing suits, an…

Seeings while affected with blindness

Being blind, is just simply the condition of not having visual perception. Like everything medical, and even today non-medical there is a more ‘advanced’ definition of blindness. This definition in North America is defined as having 20/200 or less in an individual’s best eye after eye correction, such as contact lenses, or glasses. 20/200 means that you would stand 20 ft away from an object and see the same thing as someone with normal eyesight would see from 200ft.

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