Positive And Negative Effects To Expect When You Quit Smoking

Before reading the rest of this article, you should understand that smoking cessation can be one of the best things you can do as a smoker. They guarantee a healthier life and a longer life. Don’t make a mistake; No negative effect that you may notice when you quit smoking is so bad that you decide to continue smoking. There are no positive effects if you continue to smoke. However, if you stop, you may notice some changes that you may not have expected. Since the benefits outweigh the disadvantages when you quit smoking, I will first look at the negative aspects of quitting smoking. The first thing a smoker notices when he gives up the habit is sudden mood swings and mood disorders.

After probably smoking for years, you have reached the point where you end up smoking when you feel stressed. or are in a bad mood. Once you quit smoking, you no longer have this psychological option. Quitting smoking can cause depression in a small percentage of people who are strong enough to quit smoking. Your body and mind may also have a hard time coping with the removal of a drug as potent as nicotine. Expect your mind and body to take around 3 to 6 months to get this need out of your system. One of the most common complaints from ex-smokers is that they have gained weight. This has nothing to do with the fact that you quit, but people who quit replace their addictive smoking habits by putting something else in their mouth that is food. This also seems natural and a safe way to stay in control.

But what about the good things when you stop smoking? Too many to list here, but for a start you’ll notice a drop in blood pressure and a normal, slower pulse. This can be noticed even after only an hour of completion. Of course, your risk of a heart attack decreases and you regain a stronger sense of taste and smell. Your lung capacity will increase, you will find that movement and even walking around will become easier (since you can now supply your blood and muscles with more oxygen), and you will find that you have any sinus problems you may have had while smoking now away. Most importantly, those who quit smoking reduce their likelihood of developing lung cancer by 50%. In fact, the risk of cancer decreases after you stop smoking.

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