Rebounding To Better Health

Ever heard of rebounding? Bouncing back is a fun way to do great exercises with small controlled movements on a mini trampoline. With a small trampoline and a rebound video, people of all ages can train on a rebound. Bouncing back is safe as your feet barely leave the surface and a stabilizing bar can be added to help if you feel unsafe.

There are different types of rebounders on the market and some can even be folded for easy storage. Due to the size of these mini trampolines, they can be used at home or even easily transported to your office. Rebounding has found its way into some of your most popular commercial gyms.

There is a large selection of videos that you can use to make your rebounding training exciting and new. There are special routines for people of all ages to make it more enjoyable. Some examples of restful workouts are beginners, basic, senior, sports, dance, ballet, hip-hop, Latin, core, yoga, abdominal, stretch and many other routines. You will never be bored with so many videos to choose from.

What makes REBOUNDING effective?

Rebounding offers your body many advantages. It is known to improve your circulation, reduce stress, increase muscle tone, improve coordination and balance, and increase energy. Your joints are not strained. It acts on all important muscle groups at the same time, offers training for burning calories, cardiovascular and strength conditioning, integrates simple movements based on martial arts in a coordinated manner and builds endurance, strength and balance. Using regular rebounding techniques will give you results and fun.

REBOUNDING has appeared on national television shows such as The View with Barbara Walters, The Today Show and has been featured in such magazines as Fitness, Ace Fitness Magazine and Fit. JB Berns was seen in commercials as seen on TV to promote his urban rebounder.

Children love it, adults and seniors love it too! Rebounding has become one of the most beneficial forms of exercise ever developed.

Bounce your way to feel healthy. An entertaining workout that builds strength, cardiovascular capacity and balance without disturbing the body like other exercises.

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