Undesirable Effects of Excess Blood Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty, viscous substance produced by the liver. This substance has many purposes inside the body and in normal amounts it is benefic for the proper activity of the organism. Cholesterol has a very important role in protecting blood cells from damage, by covering their superficial membrane. The body also uses cholesterol in producing bile acids (which are vital in digestion of fat), vitamin D and hormones (testosterone and estrogen).

Things to Consider When Preparing Low Cholesterol Recipes

Having high blood cholesterol levels seriously endangers one’s health. People with high blood cholesterol levels are exposed to many illnesses, including cardio-vascular disease, gastro-intestinal disorders, kidney failure and even cancer. There are many factors that contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol inside the body: age, gender, genetic heritage, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate diet, smoking, and alcohol. Around 20 percent of people in the United States have high blood cholesterol levels and therefore they are at risk of developing heart diseases and other circulatory conditions.