Breaking Point: The Factors Behind Insanity

Insanity is one of those things that most psychological texts attempt to categorize, illustrate, and analyze, but never outright define. Indeed, from some standpoints, insanity and sanity are too relative to the individual and his circumstances to be given any single, all-encompassing definition. There are, however, several key factors to be noted among the various “forms” of insanity known to modern mental health experts.

No Longer Safe: Bullying Happens On The Internet Too

Once, the Internet was used as a safe haven from bullying by the socially inept or physically targeted. However, as the Internet evolves, so do the communities with it, which has spawned its own form of bullying. Cyber-bullying is harder to spot without knowing the signs to look for, mainly because most parents tend to be unaware of how this new form of bullying is done or how much damage it can do.

Mind Twisting: Stress, Depression, And Intelligence

The physical and psychological consequences of stress and depression are fairly well documented, but recent studies show that the problem can also affect a person’s intelligence. Research shows that stress and depression can kill brain cells if not treated, but can also prevent new cells from being produced to replace the old ones.