Infertility: A Source of Marital Conflict

The article is focused on the problem of infertility and its impact on marital relationship. Through a narrative about the struggles encountered by a married couple named Robert and Meryl, the article exposes the challenges and pressures of being in a childless marriage. The article also cites current statistics on infertility and the level of stress and anxiety experienced by couples who have trouble attaining full-term pregnancy.

Cinnamon As Spice And Alternative Medicine

While cinnamon can give many health benefits and improve overall well-being. Cinnamon oil is also important in strengthening the immune system, its scent is used to treat early stages of cold and fever. Advice of medical specialists should be considered before trying cinnamon supplements and other forms of alternative medicine. Because side effects and interaction with other drugs may take place.

Impact Of Stress And Anxiety on Soldiers and their Families

The articles is about the stress and anxiety experienced by military servicemen and women in combat, and the emotional distress of their families at the homefront. The article also details the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a condition that afflicts thousands of US military personnel who have been exposed to combat. Information is provided about the programs and medications given to those who were suffering from PTSD.

Breaking Point: The Factors Behind Insanity

Insanity is one of those things that most psychological texts attempt to categorize, illustrate, and analyze, but never outright define. Indeed, from some standpoints, insanity and sanity are too relative to the individual and his circumstances to be given any single, all-encompassing definition. There are, however, several key factors to be noted among the various “forms” of insanity known to modern mental health experts.