Tanning Beds – A Great Complement To The Sun

Going to the coast to get a tan has always been a luxury for many. Beautiful golden brown skin is a matter of pride for many young women and men. A bleak and severe winter makes the idea of ​​spending hours in the sunshine very attractive.

It is a fact that when the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays for long hours, it does more harm than good. The ultraviolet rays of the sun cause skin cancer, apart from minor irritants such as sunburn.

The solariums seem to be a solution to this problem because people can be tanned without side effects. However, the origin of the solariums lies in medicine. It was developed in the early twentieth century to determine whether increased sunlight fights calcium deficiency.

However, this is a misunderstanding. Solariums also expose people to health risks. They emit long-wave ultraviolet rays that are more harmful than short-wave ultraviolet rays.

Solariums have components that need regular maintenance. Some of the important components are solarium bulbs, internal fans, remote cables and lamp holder.

Solariums are used both in private households and in solariums. Solariums in salons have the shape of a shell. Tanning salons have attracted a lot of flak for health reasons. A prior appointment is required to tan in a salon. Solariums at home are practical and can be used at any time of the day or night.

These beds are expensive. Many manufacturers offer guarantees for more than a year and detailed literature on the product. There are solariums all over the world.

It is advisable to use solariums with caution. Long exposure can cause burns. Pregnant women should not use these beds. The basic concern about overuse of these beds is cancer-related, since basil cell sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and the most dangerous melanoma can occur. Skin cancer is the most serious side effect, but there are other side effects too. Aside from burning the skin, the skin becomes wrinkled and excessive exposure leads to cataracts. This in turn looks old.

Solariums and tanning salons are now big business. Manufacturers and salon owners paint a rosy picture, but people should also be informed about the harmful side. Only very reasonable use of these beds is recommended. Tanning can look bad, but the risk of health is daring too.

Photos provided by Pexels

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