The Solution To Stop Smoking

From a variety of known smoking cessation methods, I will tell you the greatest discovery that gives you the feeling that you are commanding enough to start the path to becoming a non-smoker. This excavation will drive you every day. You will enjoy the process and finally learn how easy it can be to live as a non-smoker.

Let’s look at an example: If you have ever tried to quit smoking in the past, what are the consequences of causing you to quit smoking again? Think and watch the details of your brain. 15 minutes after “the last cigarette” you say to yourself, “I can do that.” After 2 hours you say: “I don’t know what’s going on. Should I feel something?” After 2 1/2 hours you say: “What do I do now?” “Should I eat something?” “I have to do something, maybe just this last cigarette.” Or you say: “Maybe I’m not as prepared as I should be … Maybe God himself should come and tell me directly in the face that now is the time?” Well, maybe you’ll see him, and maybe you’re the one who leaves to visit him. Rest assured that this is normal thinking. Some people have tried to quit smoking for decades, and they are evidence that quitting smoking is difficult.

Well, here’s the novelty: it’s rigid for any smoker to quit because they keep thinking about smoking. After you decide to quit, all kinds of smoke-related thoughts that you try to overcome somehow arise. If they are unsuccessful, light another cigarette. If you want to quit, you don’t need a 7-day or 21-day program. You have to start thinking like non-smokers do. Are you thinking about smoking? NO. All you have to do is not get involved in your personal discussion with yourself. When you notice that your brilliant brain is doing its job (thinking), in response to that, you start doing your job and immediately change the focus. Just change the subject. Thinking like a non-smoker is the only way to become a non-smoker.

The other self-help methods contain some helpful tips. However, if you start counting how many years, months, days, and hours you are free of nicotine, I assure you that there will be a time in your life when you will stop counting and start smoking again. The cure is to think and feel like a non-smoker.

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