What Is Optimal Health Anyway?

That happened to me recently. I had a woman with a walking aid attend one of my health lectures. She had just come from dialysis and was wearing an operating boot. I asked her if she had any health concerns and she said no. That’s right, she told me that apart from the wound in her foot that would not heal and her kidney failure, she was otherwise in good health.

I am very grateful to live in a world with such amazing properties, life-saving technology as dialysis, but I am also amazed that someone in this condition is in good health.

What does it mean to be healthy anyway? It is obvious that there should be an accepted definition of health that can be used as a starting point. So it happens that the World Health Organization has one.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just the absence of illnesses or ailments.”

This definition has not been changed since 1948. She says pretty much everything.

The word health comes from the same root word that gives us the word holy. It’s about being whole. To be healthy means to be in balance. Balance does not mean that you never lean to one side or the other. Balance is about how quickly you get back to the center. Physical health is heavily influenced by genetics, the environment and nutrition. Someone who falls and gets a scratch should expect to heal. First, their genes influence the potential. Some people may not form blood clots well. Some people may have other disorders that slow down their ability to rebuild tissue. Others heal very quickly.

The environment can also affect healing processes. If you keep scratching your knee, how soon would you expect it to heal? Harmful influences must be eliminated. What other things affect your body that it is also trying to deal with? If your body tries to deal with constant lung irritation due to bad air, your body’s resources may not be able to cover other battles like an infected wound.

Nutrition is about raw materials. You are what you eat. If you provide your body with good foods that aren’t saturated with preservatives, you’ll have the raw materials the cells need to do the healing work. Sometimes it is difficult to eat the recommended amounts of fresh whole foods every day. Therefore, high quality nutritional supplements can help you have the raw materials your body needs. Studies have shown that people with better diets seem to be in better health. This means that they still get sick from time to time. You are still at the same risk of car accidents and paper cuts. What makes them healthier than others is measured by how quickly they regain their balance. What is your state of equilibrium?

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