When Women Have No Voice In A Relationship

Previous research has shown that positive social relationships are often associated with better health and a lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases. The assumption was based on the assumption that the more friends you have, the better your health will be the better. However, marriage also belongs to social relationships. Due to conflicting results on the health benefits of social support and the increased risk of heart disease in married women, the researchers decided to consider the quality of the relationship rather than the quantity.

Marriages and close friendships Negativity such as conflicts and unwanted exchanges increase the risk of heart disease. In an animal shelter for abused women, you will see different faces of physically and emotionally beaten women who have similar stories to tell. Some had experienced severe physical abuse from their husband or lover. Others had to endure a life full of verbal attacks. For these women, survival meant simply accepting everything and keeping their mouth shut until they had the courage to escape.

A new study on marriage, communication and death appeared in the July-August issue of the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine and found that women who do not express themselves in disagreements with their husbands die four times more often than Women who express themselves freely. According to Dr. Elaine Eaker, author of the 10-year study, is the first to investigate the effects of marital stress on the development of heart disease and death. The study also confirmed that marriage is good for men’s health, but that unmarried men die twice as often as married men.

Dr. Eaker cannot say exactly why it is so difficult for some women to express themselves. It can be a kind of protective mechanism. There is a general idea that women learn not to deal with their feelings directly. On the other hand, men are brought up to express their anger openly. During domestic disputes, women are usually afraid to upset their husband for fear of the consequences. Either because of the threat of physical violence or the fear of losing her husband, as well as financial security. And when anger builds up like stress, it can damage the heart. A typical example is the story of Vinnie, whose husband left her because of a younger woman. When the new woman asked the husband to get all the kitchen items, she allowed him to say nothing. After so long “self-censorship”, Vinnie lost the ability to express anger. She died of a heart condition.

Taking into account other factors that can contribute to heart disease, such as B. Depression, men and women with negative aspects in relationships are at high risk of heart disease, married or married Nonetheless unmarried. And for women who are used to silencing themselves, Dr. recommends Eaker that they have to learn to express themselves more constructively and to show themselves in an environment where they feel safe.

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