Why Do People Get Depressed?

Many people identify the feeling of being depressed as blue, sad for no reason or without motivation to do something. It occurs when people endure sadness or melancholy for an extended period of time, it can take several weeks to several years if they are left untreated.

Sometimes we feel tired from hard work or discouraged when faced with serious problems. This is also not a depression. These feelings usually go away within a few days or weeks. However, if these feelings persist and interfere with work, school, or family responsibilities, it can lead to depression.

There is no single cause of depression. Many factors play a role, including genetics, the environment, life events, and certain thought patterns that affect a person’s response to events.

Research has shown that depression occurs in families and suggests that some people inherit genes that make them up for them to become depressed. But not everyone who has the genetic makeup for depression actually gets depression. And many people who do not have family depression suffer from this disease. Although genes are a factor, they are not the only cause of depression.

Life events – for example the death of a close family member or friend – can go beyond normal grief and sometimes lead to depression.

The family and social environment also plays a role. For some teenagers, a negative, stressful, or unhappy family atmosphere can affect their lives and lead to depression.

Social conditions such as poverty, homelessness and community violence can increase the likelihood of people becoming depressed.

We have to say that people with depression should not wait and hope that they will go away on their own as depression can be treated effectively. Although depression is one of the most common emotional problems, the good news is that it is also one of the most treatable diseases.

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