Why Staying Fit And Trim Means Occasionally Letting Yourself Go

Sticking to resolutions is probably the hardest thing we all have to face (at least) once every year. And sticking to a healthy diet probably ranks as one of those “temptations” we all can’t seem to resist or overcome. But who says we have to? In a time of extremes, xtreme sports, xtreme make-overs, etc, xtreme diets (even according to the experts, may not be extremely helpful or healthy for that matter.

In fact, experts agree that a fulfilling and occasional urge to “splurge” is okay (and recommended), as long as you can maintain a healthy balance.

Tasty treats as a “reward” is fine and can vary from individual to individual, but while experts say you shouldn’t (always) deny your cravings and your (), you “should” try to replace food with other healthy reward alternatives. For instance, instead of treating yourself to coffee and dessert, consider treating yourself to a new outfit, a day at the spa, or a new doo.

The occasional indulgence is okay, again, as long as you can set and stick to limits and parameters. Remember, you can easily reverse all you’ve accomplished in just a few days (let’s face it it’s a lot easier to put on pounds than to shed them). Experts note that even dining out, having your cake and a buttered role is fine as long as you don’t do it every time, or all at once.

With regards to satisfying your sweet tooth, you may be able to “splurge” more than once a week. Go ahead, have that piece of candy or chocolate but don’t have the entire box. Also, you may want to try some healthier, low-fat or fat-free alternatives to boot.

Another suggestion is applying the 90/10 rule. Be extremely conscious of what you do 90 percent of the time, but let your hair and your guard down the other 10 percent (of the time). After all, say dieticians and nutritionists alike, food “should” be tasty and enjoyable. They suggest designating a time or day or two a month were you relax your rules, or regiment, but add that you need to exercise this practice with caution so that you don’t find yourself falling completely off the wagon. Furthermore, experts assert, that mastering the art of eating (even some of your “not-so-healthy” favorites) can help keep you feeling deprived and ( ) by ultimately overindulging. They key is planning ahead for “splurges” and not losing site of portion size. Remember, a successful plan means something you are comfortable with and can live with over the long haul.

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