Working Out Is Not Like Doing Your Taxes

It comes once a year and always seems to be postponed to the last minute. You swear you’ll never do it again, but unfortunately it’s the last minute tax crisis. Unfortunately, training is not like taxes. It’s not something you can get away with at the last minute by pinching and focus only once a year. Sporadic high intensity workouts are a sure way to land you with an injury, not to mention mediocre health and fitness. What is the solution? A better training program?

Plyometry and regular training? Better exercise equipment? Personal trainer?

All of these things can help, but the key is consistency. No matter how great your plan, club, training, etc. is. it is quickly undermined by inconsistency. One month of training, followed by eleven months of sitting on your butt, is a disaster.

The first key to persistence is enjoying the process. Now it’s a stretch to enjoy your taxes, but it’s possible to have fun training. If you want the results to reach you, brushing your teeth must become a habit. You don’t have to love it, but you’d better be careful not to hate it.

The first step to making training a habit is to recognize that training has to be a habit. It’s not just an inconvenience that you’re pushing through to finally fit into these smaller jeans.

In order to be healthy and keep your body running smoothly, you need to maintain some kind of constancy training plan and the good news is that you can choose the plan. If you know you need to exercise the rest of your life, why not make it comfortable?

There is also a very strong physiological effect that occurs when you make training a habit. By committing to a new, healthier lifestyle, you begin to eliminate internal sabotage. When you struggle to go to the gym, do a workout you hate just to lose weight or reach a fitness level, there will always be a voice of doubt in your head. Every day you have to fight this voice and it will eventually win.

If you commit to training consistently, the voice of doubt will eventually disappear. You are no longer on the best way to achieve this perfect fitness goal. You are determined to train and enjoy the process that will ultimately bring you this fitness goal.

Suddenly it will feel funny not to exercise. You will long to take the steps that make your body feel great. Training will no longer be a “must”, it will be an “achievement”.

Following a consistent training plan becomes the habit and goal of that goal you are aiming for. Regardless of whether you achieve your goal, suffer a setback, or choose another goal, your underlying motivation to consistently follow a training plan will never change. In this way, consistent training becomes a habit, even if the specifics of your job change.

You have to train consistently to keep your body in top shape and you have to pay taxes. You may not like taxes, but if you get into the habit of having fun, you will keep it at the end of your life.

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